Sound Attenuator 220x90mm

Product Code 9SL-500

Our Rigid Duct Attenuators offer excellent sound absorption over a range of audible frequencies.
Our rigid duct sound attenuator range now includes variants with even better sound attenuation performance, at the levels which count – the frequency in which room-to-room cross talk and appliance noise are more prominent to our hearing!

What makes our Domus Sound Attenuators so much more effective?
They simply offer better sound attenuation performance at the levels which count – those that are most commonly heard about the home.

To provide a clean, fresh system with a long life, Domus Sound Attenuators have been pecifically engineered to include Microban® protected foam.

Key Features
  • Best performing plastic attenuation on the market
  • Excellent sound attenuation properties as verified by the Sound Research Laboratories (SRL)
  • Significantly reduces transmitted appliance noise and room-to-room cross talk
  • Protected foam helps enable a long life, clean and fresh ventilation system
  • Low profile increases installation options and offers greater flexibility
  • Lightweight and easy to fit for quicker installation time
  • Can also be used with Domus Thermal duct insulation
  • Helps facilitate occupant acceptance of a continuously running centralised ventilation system
  • Helps achieve Building Regulation recommendations
  • The installation of Domus Ventilation rigid duct attenuators over metal alternatives, provides peace of mind that future replacement due to corrosion won’t occur
Ducting Range BrochurePDF, 16.89 MB
9SL-500 Data SheetPDF, 1.96 MB
Specification Guide 2022PDF, 13.99 MB

Key Benefits of the sound Attenuators

Why use sound attenuators?

Noise generated by a mechanical extract appliance could result in occupants incorrectly altering the performance of their system and as a consequence, detrimentally impacting indoor air quality. To avoid this, Building Regulations stipulate that the system should not produce excessive noise that could discourage occupants from using it correctly. In addition to this, resident cross talk carried through connecting room to room ducting can also impair homeowner comfort.

Our Range

To support the most popular rectangular rigid duct profiles our attenuators are available to install with 204x60mm and 220x90mm duct systems. The attenuator can bolt together with connector 520 or 920 to increase length.


Approved Document F of the Building Regulations F1 Means of Ventilation recommends that the system should not produce excessive noise that could discourage occupants from using it correctly. A rigid duct attenuator should therefore form part of duct system, to ensure occupants do not incorrectly alter the performance of the system and as a consequence, detrimentally impact indoor air quality.

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