Domus Ventilation add two new CIBSE Accredited Residential Ventilation CPD Courses Domus Ventilation add two new CIBSE Accredited Residential Ventilation CPD Courses

Following the release of its newly updated and revised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) CIBSE accredited course on ‘Residential Ventilation Principles and Building Regulations’ last year, Domus Ventilation has launched two further complimentary courses: ‘MVHR Design & Best Practise’ and ‘Pre Planning Conditions & Ventilation’.

‘MVHR Ventilation Design & Best Practice’ takes an in-depth look at how to design an MVHR system and best practice based on real world ‘dos and don’ts’ examples.  This detailed course covers air flow rates for different types of properties; sizing & selecting of ductwork; how to ensure the correct MVHR unit size is used and where to site it; minimising noise; and the importance of good system design for energy efficiency.  Installation & Commissioning are also addressed.  The course includes a range of MVHR system drawings to help illustrate best practice, along with common mistakes to avoid.

‘Pre Planning Conditions & Ventilation’ focusses on ventilation strategies, why they are important and how to achieve planning compliance, as well as providing the best indoor air quality for occupants.  It looks at ventilation in relation to Approved Document F (Ventilation), the new revision of Part F due this year, Part L1A, SAP Assessments, and the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.  Two real world case studies are covered in-depth to illustrate how ventilation system design can be adapted early on in the build process to meet planning conditions.

These two new CIBSE accredited CPD courses join the existing Domus Ventilation ‘Residential Ventilation Principles and Building Regulations’ course which looks at the importance of ventilation in the residential new build industry, and lays clear the considerable changes to Part F – Ventilation of the Building Regulations.  The aim of this course is to clearly explain why ventilation is so important, not only for the health of the occupant but also for the fabric of the building.  Topics covered include why ventilation is necessary, with an increased emphasis on pollutants and indoor air quality; the types of ventilation available, along with supporting ductwork and installation practices; and the pertinent regulations / directives.  New Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) guidelines and best practice also features within the course.  Part B – Fire Safety is addressed for the first time in this recently revised course, looking at the changing requirements, which differ across the nations, when it comes to the use of combustible material in cavities. 

The three CIBSE accredited CPD courses have been written by the Domus Ventilation Specification team, using their breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the residential ventilation sector.  They have been produced specifically for Chartered Engineers, Energy Consultants, Engineering Technicians, Incorporated Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical Consultants, Mechanical Consultants, and Specifiers.

Each course runs for a maximum of one hour and can be held at a customer’s premises or online via Microsoft Teams.  To book a course, contact

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