Rubber seals x10

Product Code RD575

Rubber seals x10

Domus Radial systems are a clever plug and play whole house ventilation solution, which use manifold distribution to evenly service each room through semi-rigid duct. These systems incorporate a centralised mechanical unit; either a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) or Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV).

Perfect ventilation choice for all residential dwellings

The simple plug and play mechanism between the semi-rigid duct and manifold, as well as the plenum’s clip-on fixing system, make Domus Radial
ultra-quick to install. As directed in our simple online step-by-step installation guide, the only tools you will require are:

  • Pozidrive screw driver
  • Cutting tool
  • Long reach spanner*
  • Allen key

*Provided as part of architectural house packs only. Also sold as part of a kit on code FCAK1.

Specification Guide 2022PDF, 13.99 MB

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