Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) with Domus Adapt

Product Code CMXR-S

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) with Domus Adapt

As a versatile solution, the CMX Mechanical Extract (MEV) appliance is available with Domus Adapt, for a straight in and out Radial duct run.

  • Socket Size: 220x90mm
  • Radial Duct Socket Size: Ø75mm
  • Includes: CMX-S MEV unit, 1 blanking cap, 3 seals and 3 clips

Designed to lower project costs, whilst also reducing duct installation time by up to 25%; Domus Adapt has innovatively evolved Radial semi-rigid duct systems, to make installing whole house ventilation, EASIER and MORE COST EFFECTIVE than ever before.

Key Features
  • Simplifies installation, to overcome site constraints and space restrictions
  • Ideal for apartments or cluster developments, such as care homes and student accommodation
  • Allows installers to run straight into Domus Radial semi-rigid Ø75mm duct; no need for tape, screws or sealant
  • Provides a complete ducting solution, including the ducting for supply and extract when supporting a kitchen plus two wet rooms
  • Helps prevent complicated duct runs, providing simpler design and installation
  • Domus Radial is a simple plug-andplay, labour saving duct system, which takes away the need for traditional jointing
  • Manufactured in the UK
Specification Guide 2022PDF, 13.99 MB

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