EasiPipe 100 Internal Duct Terminal Air Valve

Product Code 136FR-24M

EasiPipe 100 Internal Duct Terminal Air Valve Extract or Supply Suspended Ceiling (Fire Rated)

Recessed ceiling air valves are widely used in both domestic and commercial buildings. Ceilings must be fire protected in accordance with Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. Once a hole is made in a ceiling for an air valve, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire is reduced significantly. This must be fire-stopped to reinstate the original fire rating of the ceiling.

The popularity of whole-house ventilation and controlled ventilation is increasing. This results in an increased number of penetrations through fire compartment walls and floors producing open pathways for the passage of both smoke and fire. Ceiling air valves, if left unprotected, can allow a fire to spread rapidly through a building.


Fire testing
Successfully tested for 60 minutes according to BS EN 1365-2:1999 & BS 476 Test report number: BTC 18074F

Key Features
  • Meet the requirement of Building Regulations Approved Document B
  • Maintains integrity of fire rated ceilings for up to 60 minutes
  • Alternative to more expensive fire dampers
  • Fits in exactly the same way as a standard metal air valve
  • Air flow is unaffected
  • Easy to retrofit in place of existing metal air valves
  • Highly cost effective
Ducting Range BrochurePDF, 16.89 MB
Specification Guide 2022PDF, 13.99 MB

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