Adapt 220x90mm Vertical 90° Bend 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets

Product Code RDA-3FV90

Adapt 220x90mm
Vertical 90° Bend 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets

Domus Radial systems are a clever plug and play whole house ventilation solution, which use manifold distribution to evenly service each room through semi-rigid duct. These systems incorporate a centralised mechanical unit; either a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) or Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV).

Perfect ventilation choice for all residential dwellings

The simple plug and play mechanism between the semi-rigid duct and manifold, as well as the plenum’s clip-on fixing system, make Domus Radial
ultra-quick to install. As directed in our simple online step-by-step installation guide, the only tools you will require are:

  • Pozidrive screw driver
  • Cutting tool
  • Long reach spanner*
  • Allen key

*Provided as part of architectural house packs only. Also sold as part of a kit on code FCAK1.

Key Features
  • 60% quicker and easier to install, against traditional, saving you time and money
  • Easy to order pre-selected house packs enable straightforward specification and selection
  • Eliminates room-to-room cross talk, for a quieter home
  • Simplified design layout makes the system ideal for new and refurb projects
  • Increased air capacity for reduced air noise, low duct losses and improved appliance efficiency
  • Ability to integrate stylish architectural grilles, to fit interior design scheme
Specification Guide 2022PDF, 13.99 MB

What is different about Domus Radial?

Slimline manifold

Slimline manifold (125mm deep) enables easy installation between joists or in tight spaces, where required for larger developments

Optional integral flow control

Optional integral flow control device allows the outlet plenum to be connected directly to a stylish architectural grille – no air valve necessary

Rapid fixing mechanism

Rapid fixing mechanism enables secure and air-tight connection with no leakages

Corrugated construction

Corrugated construction and the unique formulation of semi-rigid duct resists stress cracking and on-site damage

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