Waste polluted and moist air is extracted from a dwelling’s wet room via a duct system and is passed through a heat exchanger before being exhausted outside.

The technology is most effective when installed in an air-tight dwelling as the effect is not compromised by external leakage. Housing providers, consultants and architects are increasingly concerned about inadequate ventilation which can lead to poor air quality and potentially have a detrimental effect on overall health and comfort. Installing a MVHR system is an effective way of maintaining a healthy living indoor environment.

Benefits of the MVHR system

Recover up to 95% wasted heat

The highly efficient heat exchanger block within these units can recover up to 95% of the normally wasted heat. The two independent fans have full-speed control for background and boost ventilation rates.

Reduce household energy consumption

Fresh incoming air is filtered as an added benefit, pre-warmed via the heat exchanger and evenly distributed to the habitable rooms, thus reducing household energy consumption and the demand on existing heating systems.

One centralised system

Also referred to as System 4 in Approved Document F of the the Building Regulations, MVHR efficiently combines supply and extract ventilation into one centralised system

Ideal for new build

Our MVHR systems are quick and easy to install, commission and maintain. They complies with all current the Building Regulations.

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